Weight Loss

Colostrum6 has amazing
Fitness benefits including:

  • Fat Loss & Weight Loss
  • Provides Essential Leptin
  • Feeling Great
  • Improved Self Esteem & Self Confidence
  • Maintaining Lean Muscle Mass
  • New Dress Sizes
  • Looking Great
  • 700+ Health Promoting Agents
Weight Loss

Why don’t diets work? Because they focus only on helping with controlling your appetite! There are several things that have to occur for you in order to obtain your goals and maintain them.

5 things that MUST happen for you to
successfully lose weight and maintain the loss are:

5 things that MUST happen for you
  • Safely control your appetite: This part is true; we have to control “how much” we eat otherwise known as calories and turn down the overeating mechanism in our brains, the hypothalamus!

  • Cleansing your cravings for sweets: It’s ok to have a little “something”, it’s not ok when you eat the entire container of “something”! Your taste buds become addicted to bad things, sugars/bad carbohydrates, and until we “cleanse” the addiction your “taste buds” will remain in control!

  • Burning Fat: We need to turn up our metabolic thermostat! So many people walk around with a slow functioning thyroid and just live with being fat; that can change with turning on the “Leptin Factor”!

  • Balancing Body Chemistries: So many of us walk around as “Insulin Resistant” weight-gainers! That doesn’t mean we are diabetic, but it certainly means we are getting fatter and moving in that direction!

  • Increasing Lean Muscle: People who have more muscle can eat more calories, which burns fat as an energy source instead of storing it! We are not talking about becoming a body-builder; just allow the components like leptin to help build underlying lean muscle!

Two factors found in colostrum that may
help you obtain goals:

Triggering the “Leptin Factor”, where your body begins to use fat as an energy source and you begin to realize the long-term weight and size of your dreams; once triggered the weight stays off!

Leptin: is a small hormone-like protein that can suppress appetite, build lean muscle and lead to body weight reduction. Mature fat cells release leptin in the presence of insulin and IGF-1. Large fat cells release very little leptin, while small fat cells release more helping to keep you thin!

IGF-1: triggers the release of energy (glucose metabolism) and helps with building muscle, burning fat as an energy source and helping to balance body chemistries!

Two factors found in colostrum
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